01. Cancer prevention of green tea

01. Cancer prevention of green tea

‘Do you need medicine?’

The 1st time is about "Cancer prevention of green tea".

That the "health benefits of green tea", has written a special edition. The 1st time is about "Cancer prevention of green tea".
  1. Prevention of cancer
  2. Immune power up
  3. Lose weight
  4. Decrease in cholesterol level
  5. Improve memory and learning ability
  6. Prevention and bactericidal action of food poisoning
  7. Caries prevention
  8. Prevention of halitosis
  9. The effect of preventing drowsiness
  10. Suppress the possibility of functional disorder
  11. Adult disease prevention
  12. Help the gastrointestinal work
  13. Prevention of arteriosclerosis and stroke, prevention of blood
  14. High blood pressure (hypertension)
  15. Suppression of atopic and pollinosis
  16. Anti-influenza action
  17. Effect on AIDS
  18. Hangover prevention
  19. Anti-aging
  20. Stress relief

The relationship between green tea and health is drawing attention and new research results are reported one after another. In addition, we may add efficacy. We would like to deeply describe each relationship.



In addition to the 7 major nutrients

Previously, seven major nutrients were mainstream components of food.
  • 3 Major nutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins)
  • 5 Major nutrients (3 major nutrients + vitamins + minerals)
  • 7 Major nutrients (5 major nutrients + water, dietary fiber)

Current, In addition to the 7 major nutrients, the functional ingredients mainly contained in the plants, phytochemicals, have also been evaluated. Phytochemicals are not nutrients. However, phytochemicals are expected to be useful for maintaining and improving health, such as increasing antioxidant power and immunity, and research is progressing.


Familiar phytochemicals

For example, polyphenols that became a hot topic by being included in red wine are also one of phytochemicals. This also has antioxidant ability to remove active oxygen. Catechin contained in green tea is also one of phytochemicals. Especially, green tea cultivated in the wet climate region contains a lot of polyphenols called catechins. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is one of the catechins contained in green tea.


Cancer prevention of green tea



Nutrition therapy of cancer patients

Have you ever seen green tea supplements? Especially recently in Japan, ingredients of green tea are also incorporated into nutritional therapy for patients with cancer. Green tea has both the effect of drinking and the effect obtained by eating. It is because catechin is evaluated in nutritional therapy of cancer patients because it can exert its effect on the mechanism of cancer development and growth suppression.


Catechin cancer suppression mechanism

  1. Suppression of carcinogenesis (mutation of genes)
  2. Suppression of cancer growth promotion
  3. Promotion of cancer cell apoptosis (self-destruction death)
  4. Suppression of cancer metastasis
  5. Suppression of angiogenesis in cancer tissues

As cancer grows, new blood vessels are formed by cancer cells. Since angiogenesis is an important prerequisite for the growth of all cancers, one of the most powerful ingredients to counteract where the new blood vessels are formed is green tea catechin.


Research results

Dr. Alan Conney of Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA summarized the following experimental results. "Mice that caused carcinogens and Japanese green tea to drink together had a cancer incidence of less than 50% compared to the carcinogenic group alone" Team of Molecular Medicine Institute in Montreal The team tested the effect of EGCG isolated from green tea on several cancer cells. The report noted that they observed carefully and the effects on leukemia, breast cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and skin cancer and cancer cells by green tea on cancer cells slowed the growth of cancer cells It was.

Also in Japan, many university institutions are studying the effect of suppressing the cancer of tea.


Cancer prevention with green tea

Would you like to drink green tea for cancer prevention in the future?

When you are advised of tea or coffee, which are you picking? Now that you know why tea benefits cancer control, do not you want to choose tea from next? Catechin contained in tea has antioxidant action to repel this active oxygen and lipid peroxide. It also has the effect of enhancing the function of other antioxidants such as vitamin E and thamine C. Tea is exactly a medicine that prevents aging and all kinds of diseases. The effect of tea on cancer is still in the research stage, but great expectations are received from now on. In addition, we will update this page if there is new information. Next time we will post about "Immune power up". Thank you for reading!


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