12. Help the gastrointestinal work by green tea

12. Help the gastrointestinal work by green tea

‘Do you need medicine?’

The 12th time is about "Help the gastrointestinal work by green tea".

That the "health benefits of green tea", has written a special edition. The 12th time is about "Help the gastrointestinal work by green tea".
  1. Prevention of cancer
  2. Immune power up
  3. Lose weight
  4. Decrease in cholesterol level
  5. Improve memory and learning ability
  6. Prevention and bactericidal action of food poisoning
  7. Caries prevention
  8. Prevention of halitosis
  9. The effect of preventing drowsiness
  10. Suppress the possibility of functional disorder
  11. Adult disease prevention
  12. Help the gastrointestinal work
  13. Prevention of arteriosclerosis and stroke, prevention of blood
  14. High blood pressure (hypertension)
  15. Suppression of atopic and pollinosis
  16. Anti-influenza action
  17. Effect on AIDS
  18. Hangover prevention
  19. Anti-aging
  20. Reduces stress

The relationship between green tea and health is drawing attention and new research results are reported one after another. In addition, we may add efficacy. We would like to deeply describe each relationship.

When do we drink Japanese tea?

Do you know when Japanese people drink Japanese tea? Also, do you know the benefits of drinking Japanese tea? assuming that many people imagine that having Japanese tea makes you relaxed. it is indeed true and literally, there is a practical benefit if you enjoy Japanese tea.

enjoy Japanese tea

Japanese tea improves the function of the stomach and intestines.

it is said that having Japanese tea improves your stomach function. This is because Japanese tea enables you to prevent stomach disease.In particular, the catechins in tea have a bactericidal effect and can help prevent food poisoning. Catechins are a type of polyphenol found in thousands of plants, and are the main component of the astringent taste of green tea. Catechins are said to have a variety of effects ranging from not only for the stomach, but also from weight loss, blood pressure and glucose control to antibacterial and antiviral effects.


Intestinal activity

The reasons why catechins bring us a lot of positive effects is mainly due to its strong adsorption, which allows it to attach to tooth decay bacteria and prevent them from multiplying and the second importantly, its ability to prevent viruses from entering the body. in the intestines, it adheres to bad bacteria and kills them, thus it can be expected to have an effect on intestinal activity.

Intestinal activity

In this article, we learned that one of the most beneficial ingredients, catechins, helps our stomach activity a lot and this is the way Japanese people follow for their health. If you are interested in Japanese tea, why don't you try Japanese tea now?

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