10. Suppress the possibility of functional disorder by green tea

10. Suppress the possibility of functional disorder by green tea

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The 10th time is about "Suppress the possibility of functional disorder by green tea".

That the "health benefits of green tea", has written a special edition. The 10th time is about "Suppress the possibility of functional disorder by green tea".
  1. Prevention of cancer
  2. Immune power up
  3. Lose weight
  4. Decrease in cholesterol level
  5. Improve memory and learning ability
  6. Prevention and bactericidal action of food poisoning
  7. Caries prevention
  8. Prevention of halitosis
  9. The effect of preventing drowsiness
  10. Suppress the possibility of functional disorder
  11. Adult disease prevention
  12. Help the gastrointestinal work
  13. Prevention of arteriosclerosis and stroke, prevention of blood
  14. High blood pressure (hypertension)
  15. Suppression of atopic and pollinosis
  16. Anti-influenza action
  17. Effect on AIDS
  18. Hangover prevention
  19. Anti-aging
  20. Reduces stress

The relationship between green tea and health is drawing attention and new research results are reported one after another. In addition, we may add efficacy. We would like to deeply describe each relationship.

Main component mineral

We have already explained that the catechins contained in Japanese tea are expected to be effective in regulating the gastrointestinal tract and preventing strokes, but in fact, minerals, which is another major component in Japanese tea, play an important role in biological regulation. Usually, Japanese tea contains about 5-7% of minerals, mainly potassium (K), calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P), and magnesium (Mg), but also contains small amounts of manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), and copper (Cu).

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Essential nutrients

First of all, minerals are essential nutrients for the body, and like vitamins, they are present in the body in very small amounts and are considered to be essential for the body to regulate itself.The functions of minerals in the body can be divided into three categories.

  1. Work as a constituent material of the body...Becoming a constituent of the body such as bones and teeth.
  2. Regulate biological functions...dissolve in body fluids and regulate pH and osmotic 
  3. Binds to proteins, etc., and acts as a component of enzymes.


Minerals can be taken from vegetables, fish, and liver, but we believe that by taking them from tea, we can get the necessary amount every day in a stable manner.In addition, the attractiveness of Japanese tea lies not only in its health benefits, but also in the fact that it tastes so good. In Japan, Kyoto and Shizuoka prefectures are very famous for their tea, but it is not easy to describe its unique aroma and flavor.We hope you will experience it for yourself.

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