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13. Prevention of arteriosclerosis , stroke and blood by green tea

Arteriosclerosis and stroke. Almost all people know its fearness and hope to prevent it, we always look for a solution for it and today, Japanese tea is found its potential to be a solution for it.

12. Help the gastrointestinal work by green tea

Japanese tea improves the function of the stomach and intestines. If you are interested in Japanese tea, why don't you try Japanese tea now?

19. Relationship between green tea and anti-aging

Green tea is a beverage that is recommended for maintaining youth and health. Even if you are not a big fan of green tea, it is highly recommended that you drink green tea frequently to prevent aging and anti-aging.

14. Prevention of high blood pressure by green tea

Hypertension is classified as an adult disease, and it is said that it is especially common among people who ingest a large amount of salt from their diet. This article introduces why Japanese tea is said to be good for preventing high blood pressure.

08. How to cure bad breath by green tea

If only for bad breath prevention, we recommend "gargle with green tea". Let's take green tea well into your life and practice bad breath prevention.

07. How to prevent tooth decay by green tea

There is an increasing interest on the health benefits of green tea in the field of oral health. Green tea may boost dental health.
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