14. Prevention of high blood pressure by green tea

Hypertension is classified as an adult disease, and it is said that it is especially common among people who ingest a large amount of salt from their diet. This article introduces why Japanese tea is said to be good for preventing high blood pressure.

08. How to cure bad breath by green tea

If only for bad breath prevention, we recommend "gargle with green tea". Let's take green tea well into your life and practice bad breath prevention.

07. How to prevent tooth decay by green tea

There is an increasing interest on the health benefits of green tea in the field of oral health. Green tea may boost dental health.

06. Food poisoning remedies by green tea

Catechin contained in tea shows detoxification and bactericidal action, great effect on food poisoning prevention.

05. How to improve memory with green tea

By ingesting caffeine at the same time as theanine, improvement of concentration and memory is recognized and synergistic effect can be expected.

04. How to lower cholesterol with green tea

Since green tea contains catechin, it is characterized by increasing absorption by suppressing the absorption of dietary fat, which makes it difficult for fat to attach to the body.
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