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"Famous tea is usually produced in high altitude areas."

Aso Mt.

Our tea farm is in Yamato-Cho, Kumamoto Prefecture. Yamato-Cho is located between 200 and 1700 meters above sea level and is classified as a semi-high cold region. Our tea farms are between 200 and 550 meters above sea level, and each tea farm is located in more than 10 different locations. High altitude areas are known for a temperature difference between day and night, which makes them a perfect region for sweet and strong flavored tea. For that reason, famous teas such as Darjeeling, Uva, Keemun are all grown in highland areas. For Chinese teas, it is said the higher the altitude, the higher the tea price. Our tea farm is located the south of Mt Aso ( is the largest active volcano in Japan, and is among the largest in the world.), with big temperature difference between day and night. Our tea farm is surrounded by three deep valleys. There are few flat places.  Our tea farms are not suitable for mass production, but the tea leaves that grow slowly over time produce soft, sweet and less astringent tea.

"Single Origin Tea"

Our tea farm

Our tea farm is a family-owned farm that has continued for 5 generations from 1922. At first, it was a small farm of 0.2ha, but it gradually grew while saving money, and now it can be cultivated in 2.5ha. Even so, it is not a big farm yet, but we try to do a very polite work because we can pay attention to each tree.

For our family, the soil, sunshine hours, management method, etc. of each place and region of the tea farm have been clarified, making it easier to feel the individuality of the tea farm.
It will be easier to understand if you think of it just like wine. Even with the same French wine, tea can be divided according to the place of origin, as in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. To be more specific..., Even the same type of tea has different tastes depending on the region and tea farm. Of course, the climate is different every year. Therefore, each tea farm and each year has its own personality. We look forward to enjoying the original taste, color, aroma, and individuality of each tea.

"Living with the Nature"

Tea Farmer

The higher the altitude, the lower the temperature, which creates less pests. As a result, we have succeeded in producing tea without using any chemical pesticides for more than 30 years since 1988. Also, our tea farms are between 200 and 470 meters above sea level, and each tea farm is located in more than 10 different locations. Many tea fields are scattered in separate places. In addition, we cultivate more than 20 types of tea varieties according to the conditions of each tea farm. We analyze the aptitude of the land and grow tea. The main reason for that is to minimize pest occurrence. At the same time, it adds more variations to the consumer to choose from. To continue with organic cultivation, we manage our tea farm daily. We use oil meal, fish meal and rice bran to fertilize our tea. We have never used artificial fertilizer. We have never used weed killer. All our work is done by hand. As a result, we are unable to mass produce our tea. We produce as much as we can manage. We hope you enjoy our tea, and our policy is to produce the tea that is ‘friendly to both people and nature.’ Our goal is to create tea that can grow together with nature.

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