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6 VARIETIES│GOLD TEA, Umami kamairi-cha, Black tea, Houji-cha, Genmai-cha, Instant Green Tea Powder


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6 VARIETIES│GOLD TEA, Umami kamairi-cha, Black tea, Houji-cha, Genmai-cha, Instant Green Tea Powder

LEAF 6 VARIETIES Contents: 220g / 7.76oz
- GOLD TEA ( 30g / 1.06oz )
- Umami kamairi-cha ( 30g / 1.06oz )
- Black tea ( 30g / 1.06oz )
- Houji-cha ( 50g / 1.76oz )
- Genmai-cha ( 50g / 1.76oz )
- Instant grinded tea ( 30g / 1.06oz )

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GOLD TEA Leaf ( 30g / 1.06oz )

"OKUYUTAKA" is one of the best tea varieties in Japan. It has a unique taste called "Natural Gyokuro". We cultivate this variety under various conditions. Among them, we found that the tea leaves harvested in our tea farm taken by this aerial photograph are optimal in terms of weather and soil conditions. In that sense, it can be called "Single Estate Tea". "Kamairi-cha" accounts for only 0.02% of Japanese tea production in 2019, making it a very rare tea in Japan. Among the very rare Kamairi-cha we make, we believe that this "GOLD TEA" is the best masterpiece that our family makes as a craftsman.


Umami kamairi-cha "Maromi" Leaf ( 30g / 1.06oz )

"Kamairi-cha" accounts for only 0.02% of Japanese tea production in 2019, making it a very rare tea in Japan. Most Japanese tea (sencha, gyokuro, etc.) is mainly steamed tea, which heats and stops fermentation by steaming. On the other hand, "Kamairi-cha" does not undergo the usual steam treatments of Japanese tea and does not have the characteristic astringent taste of most Japanese tea. After a short withering, they are fired in hot iron pans of up to 420 °C with repeated agitation to prevent charring. "Kamairi-cha" has a mildly roasted flavour with more sweet and fresh notes than bitter ones. "Kamairi-cha" has a characteristically light, refreshing taste that lacks astringency. The indescribable fragrance will spread to the back of your mouth and throat, and will be filled with a refreshing flavor and lingering finish.


Black Tea Leaf ( 30g / 1.06oz )

A blend of Japanese-born black tea varieties "Benifuuki" and native varieties native to Japan. "Benifuuki" is a variety that has been bred uniquely to Japan over many years based on the Darjeeling native tea variety that has a mascatel flavor. You can feel the gorgeous aroma derived from black tea varieties and the astringency of tannins, and the transparency and refreshing blueness of green tea varieties in a well-balanced manner. The light blue of the cup is bright, slightly dark orange, the taste is slightly astringent, and it is rich, and the refreshing scent called "Muscat flavor" (the scent of muscat grapes in the mouth) is exceptional. Because it is fermented well, the lingering scent and taste lasts for a long time.


Houji-cha Leaf ( 50g / 1.76oz )

Houji-cha is a tea made by roasting green tea leaves and kuki at a high temperature, and is characterized by its strong aroma and dark brown color. Roasting at high temperature reduces bitterness and astringency, resulting in a very refreshing taste. Most Japanese green teas have a nice natural grass and plant flavor, but Houji-cha has a very different flavor. It has the least amount of caffeine, but has a chocolate, caramel, and coffee-like flavor. A fragrant taste and a refreshing aftertaste last in the mouth. Regardless of the content, it goes well with various meals, Japanese sweets, and Western sweets. It has a gentle taste and is easy to drink both warm and cold, making it ideal for quenching thirst.


Genmai-cha Leaf ( 50g / 1.76oz )

"Genmai-cha" is a tea made by roasting brown rice and adding Japanese tea to it in almost the same amount. You can enjoy the aroma of roasted rice and the refreshing taste of Japanese tea. It is made by adding roasted cereal notes to the gentle sweetness of tea leaves. If you like roasted and cereal flavors, this tea is for you. We own tea fields and rice fields. We use only rice harvested in our rice fields, which has been cultivated without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides since 1988. Since the amount of Japanese tea used is reduced due to the mixture of rice, it has less caffeine and is recommended for children and the elderly.


Instant grinded tea │Japanese powdered green tea ( 30g / 1.06oz )

This tea is a powdered tea produced by organic farming. Unlike other ways of drinking, powdered tea allows you to easily enjoy all the nutrients of tea leaves. Naturally, the tea leaves need to be safe. Our tea plantations have been cultivated for over 30 years since 1988 without the use of any chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides.The tea variety uses "Okuyutaka", which is evaluated as natural gyokuro. Beautiful scent upon opening, lovely green colour, and one of the best. The excellence of this powdered tea comes from its very round and complete taste with a balance of creaminess, a full body and a fine silky note of fresh spinach and a hint of asparagus.


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