Green tea

Black Tea (2type) Japanese red tea


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Black Tea

Contests: LEAF ( 30g / 1.06oz ) / TEABAG ( 3g x 8 pcs )

 A blend of Japanese-born black tea varieties "Benifuuki" and native varieties native to Japan. "Benifuuki" is a variety that has been bred uniquely to Japan over many years based on the Darjeeling native tea variety that has a mascatel flavor. You can feel the gorgeous aroma derived from black tea varieties and the astringency of tannins, and the transparency and refreshing blueness of green tea varieties in a well-balanced manner. The light blue of the cup is bright, slightly dark orange, the taste is slightly astringent, and it is rich, and the refreshing scent called "Muscat flavor" (the scent of muscat grapes in the mouth) is exceptional. Because it is fermented well, the lingering scent and taste lasts for a long time.

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