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GOLD TEA - " Single Origin Tea " Kamairi-cha 30g (1.06oz) Japanese pan fired green tea


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Single Origin Tea

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Can you explain the tea you drank yesterday? For example, tea-producing regions, tea plantation characteristics, tea factories, blenders, etc...

In Japan, The current supply chain for Japanese tea from producers to consumers is diverse, including tea dealers, tea wholesalers, tea specialty shops, and supermarkets. It is true that in traditional industrial forms, the tea supply chain has created a larger market. In the old tradition, the secondary processing of the "Finishing the Tea" process was the work of the tea master. By blending teas from various origins, consumers have always been able to demand the same stable taste. However, on the other hand, it was an environment where tea with strong individuality was removed from the market.


"Single origin" coffee is coffee that is not blended. Coffee beans are not produced in "Brazil" or "Ethiopia", but in small units such as a single farm, region, cultivation method, and variety. The soil environment and temperature vary from farm. Single-origin coffee can be as close as possible to the information of the farm cultivated when tracing back to "extract from cup, roast from extraction, import from roast, import process, export process, farm from local processing plant, harvest on the farm". For example, "Single malt" in whiskey. Whiskey made in a single distillery. "Single origin" has excellent traceability.

our tea farm

Our tea factory does not make any tea other than our tea farms. In the case of large-scale production, all the tea leaves are blended at the tea-making stage, but because we are small-scale production, it is possible to make tea in each our tea farm. We make varieties that suit the land by the production method that suits the land, so the individuality naturally comes out. Our tea farms are between 200 and 550 meters above sea level, and each tea farm is located in more than 10 different locations. In addition, we cultivate more than 20 types of tea varieties according to the conditions of each tea farm. We analyze the aptitude of the land and grow tea. We never blend tea grown outside of our tea farm. This is to prevent the mixture of tea leaves other than the tea we cultivated with pride.

Our tea farm

"OKUYUTAKA" is one of the best tea varieties in Japan. It has a unique taste called "Natural Gyokuro". We cultivate this variety under various conditions. Among them, we found that the tea leaves harvested in our tea farm taken by this aerial photograph are optimal in terms of weather and soil conditions. In that sense, it can be called "Single Estate Tea". "Kamairi-cha" accounts for only 0.02% of Japanese tea production in 2019, making it a very rare tea in Japan. Among the very rare Kamairi-cha we make, we believe that this "GOLD TEA" is the best masterpiece that our family makes as a craftsman.

Our tea factory

If you drink our tea, it's definitely the tea grown in our tea farm and made in our tea factory. And we can explain everything about the cultivation method. We constantly study the needs and opinions of consumers and start with the soil preparation of the tea farm. We believe that the appeal of "Single origin" is that you can see the story of the tea farm, the secret story of tea cultivation, and the face of our producers. It builds a relationship of trust with the customer and is our belief in tea making.

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