Ivory Japanese tea set│Kyusu, Yuzamashi, Yunomi, Chasaji│Tokoname ceramic ware


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Kyusu teapot : about 130ml (4.39fl oz)
Yuzamashi : about 180ml (6.08fl oz)
Yunomi : pair; 40ml (1.35fl oz) each
Chasaji : 2.83in(7.2cm) in length

Kyusu & Yunomi Chawan

This Kyusu & Yuzamashi (Water Cooler) is Tokoname ware certified by a Japanese tea instructor"Japanese tea sommelier". The Kyusu and teacup set is specially designed for convenience and ease of use and is suitable for advanced Japanese tea brewing. This Kyusu and teacup set we have selected for you is the most popular size, 130ml (4.39fl oz), perfect for 1 to 2 people. You can compare the delicacy of tea because you taste a small amount of tea.This Kyusu and Yunomi Set has a very classic and simple design.

This Kyusu & Yuzamashi (Water Cooler) is made in "Tokoname ware", the most famous in Japan. This Kyusu has a ceramic fine mesh filter, not removable mesh filter basket. If you often enjoy high-quality Japanese green tea, the Yuzamashi is indispensable. When brewing Kamairi-cha , pour boiled water into the Yuzamashi, then pour the water into the Kyusu. By doing this, the water will become the ideal temperature for brewing Kamairi-cha. All parts of this Kyusu & Yuzamashi (Water Cooler) are made of ceramic. The flavor of the tea does not change. It is suitable for brewing advanced japanese tea.

A cup of Japanese tea

The "Chasaji (Tea scoop)" that comes with the tea set is very useful for measuring tea leaves from Chazutsu or other tea container and when placing tea leaves into the Kyusu teapot. The surface of this Tea Scoop is covered with cherry wood bark, which is polished to make a smooth texture. This style using bark of a cherry tree is one of the Japanese traditional crafts.

The flavor of green tea depends not only on the quality of tea and brewing process. It depends on the size, shape, and thickness of the vessel that it is brewed or served in. Tea served in a ceramic mug will taste different than tea served in a porcelain Yunomi. The slight inward curve of the rim helps one to taste Japanese tea flavorfully. It is one of the unique traditional design techniques of Japanese tea ware. The slight curve of the Teacup allows you to feel the taste of tea that is first transmitted from the tip of your tongue. You can compare the delicacy of tea because you taste a small amount of tea.The round shape brings calm atmosphere. And porcelain white color helps you appreciate subtle tea color.


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