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Instant grinded tea 30g (1.06oz)│Japanese powdered green tea


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Instant Green Tea Powder

Contests: Instant grinded tea ( 30g / 1.06oz )

This tea is a powdered tea produced by organic farming. Unlike other ways of drinking, powdered tea allows you to easily enjoy all the nutrients of tea leaves. Naturally, the tea leaves need to be safe. Our tea plantations have been cultivated for over 30 years since 1988 without the use of any chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides.The tea variety uses "Okuyutaka", which is evaluated as natural gyokuro.  Beautiful scent upon opening, lovely green colour, and one of the best. The excellence of  this powdered tea comes from its very round and complete taste with a balance of creaminess, a full body and a fine silky note of fresh spinach and a hint of asparagus.

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