Green tea

Umami kamairi-cha "Maromi" (2 type) Japanese pan fired green tea



green tea japan




"Kamairi-cha" accounts for only 0.02% of Japanese tea production in 2019, making it a very rare tea in Japan. Most Japanese tea (sencha, gyokuro, etc.) is mainly steamed tea, which heats and stops fermentation by steaming. On the other hand, "Kamairi-cha" does not undergo the usual steam treatments of Japanese tea and does not have the characteristic astringent taste of most Japanese tea. After a short withering, they are fired in hot iron pans of up to 420 °C with repeated agitation to prevent charring. "Kamairi-cha" has a mildly roasted flavour with more sweet and fresh notes than bitter ones. "Kamairi-cha" has a characteristically light, refreshing taste that lacks astringency. The indescribable fragrance will spread to the back of your mouth and throat, and will be filled with a refreshing flavor and lingering finish.

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